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Research & Initiatives

Inquiry-based learning and teaching, Metacognition and 21th century skills, Environmental literacy, Scientific literacy, 

biology education and wellness education.



Courses in the Bar-Ilan M.A 'Science Education', and 'Biology Teaching' Programs, School of Education, Bar Ilan University:


  1. Introduction to the research of curricula in science education 77-927 (up to 2006) 

  2.  Issues in science education 77-920 (up to 2006)

  3. Teaching by inquiry – theory and practice 77-958 (up to 2013)

  4. Summary project in science education 77-994 (up to 2015)

  5. Biology teaching pedagogy  79-435

  6. Biology teaching pedagogy - laboratory  79-436

  7. Cognition and Metacognition - 77783

International conference organisation


The Humanities and Social Sciences Fund Conference Titled Biology Education for Well-Being: The Role of 21st Century Skills for Informed, Responsible and Active Citizenship, July 2022, Israel.

Academic Affiliations

  • EARLY - The European Association for Research on Learning and Instruction 

  • ERIDOB - European Researchers in Didactics of Biology

  • ESERA - The European Science Education Research Association

  • IOSTE  - The International Organization for Science and Technology Education

  • NARST - The National Association for Research in Science Teaching

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